Hampton Wick Trade and Street Directories

Kelly’s Directories
1920 - 1929
with street arrangementsStreet_Directories_files/HW%20Street%20Arrangement%201920%20-%201929%20SD.pdf
Kelly’s Directories
1910 - 1918
with street arrangementsStreet_Directories_files/HW%20Street%20Arrangement%201910%20-%201918.pdf
Kelly’s Directories
1930 - 1940
with street arrangementsStreet_Directories_files/HW%20Street%20Arrangement%201930%20-%201940%20SD.pdf
Kelly’s Directories
1900 - 1909
with street arrangementsStreet_Directories_files/HW%20Street%20Arrangements%201900%20-%201909%20SD.pdf
Kelly’s Directories
1892 - 1899
with street arrangementsStreet_Directories_files/HW%20Street%20Arrangements%201892%20-%201899%20SD.pdf
Green’s Directory
with street arrangementsStreet_Directories_files/Green%27s%201888%20Directory%20with%20Street%20Arrangement.pdf
20 Miscellaneous Directories
from 1826 - 1886
trade and private residentsStreet_Directories_files/HW%20Trade%20Directories%201826%20-%201886%20SD.pdf

Directories are an invaluable primary source for historians. They provide first hand data about local communities, their infrastructure and the individuals inhabiting those communities. Published more frequently than the census, directories can also help you fill in any missing gaps. Early directory compilers often relied on people sending in their names together with a small payment if they wanted to be included in the directory. By growing links with the Post Office, the compilers were able to use information originally gathered for mail-delivery purposes. Best known was Frederick Festus Kelly whose eponymous directories first appeared in 1845. They continued in production until the early 1970's, at which time the Kelly's HQ was in Tudor House, Hampton Wick. 

This current collection includes twenty Trade Directories covering the period 1826 - 1886. A one-off locally-produced directory was published by E Green of 47 High Street in 1888 (thanks to Paul Barnfield who has painstakingly transcribed it). There is a complete set of Kelly's Directories covering the period 1892 - 1940 when Hampton Wick was dropped from Kelly's coverage.